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About INFOS!

INFOS is a national network of SHG Federations which aims at sharing a common mission of contributing towards growth of the member federations through capacity building and policy advocacy initiatives, facilitating co-learning and through inculcating self-regulation with the view of strengthening the SHG movement in the country. The network has now a membership of 40 SHG federations across the country promoted by various promoting organisations from seven states of the country. INFOS is truly a community driven Microfinance institution with the promotional support from NGOs. Many Microfinance Federations promoted by SIFFS, GDS, PREM, SERP, PEDO, AKRSP, DHAN foundation, KMVS, and other NGOs in south and North came together to share their experience in 2004 at Madurai and decided to launch a national network of Microfinance Federations. Subsequently they met again in 2005 at Madurai with the support of DHAN foundation to chalk out their by-laws and to register as INFOS. It was incorporated in June 2006 and has come to gain an identity among the SHG federations in the country and position itself as a strong and vibrant network. DHAN Foundation came forward to found the INFOS and committed to promote INFOS as a sustainable and effective National network of Microfinance Federations. INFOS has a membership of 40 federations now and has wider geographical representation. INFOS has initiated various capacity building programmes for member federations and the stakeholders in the sector, policy workshops, regional conventions, national seminars, exchange visits, newsletters and established four regional chapters across the country for strengthening the network activities and programmes.

Focus Areas

The focus or the major thrust areas identified by the INFOS network for the upcoming years with the view of strengthening SHG Movement in India are

  • Improving quality of SHGs through federations
  • Strengthening Governance in SHG Federations
  • Encouraging self regulation for growth with quality
  • Advancing financial inclusion through SHG Federations
  • Perspective building of the sector on federation model of SHGs
  • Institutional collaboration and partnership with stakeholders

INFOS Website